M9 Director, Amir Ebrahimi



Amir Ebrahimi's career has wound through photography, music, design and film making.

Born in San Francisco to an Iranian father and Salvadorian mother Amir comes from a family of rich culture. As English was at times the 3rd language in the Ebrahimi household, Amir became a very visual individual at a young age.

Amir studied film making at the Art Instituted of San Francisco, then at Brooklyn College in New York. Amir moved to Brooklyn from San Fransisco in 1998. After a series of short films and Documentaries Amir began to work in Set Design for Production Designer Gideon Ponte. Working along side Gideon who set design for top photographers in the industry such as Steven Meisel, Mario Sorrenti, Mario Testino and Steven Klien. Such experiences trained Amir's creative eye and help shape his passion for stylish storytelling through images.

While also working as DJ in NYC Amir's four years of set design experience drove him back to his passion for photography. After a 2006 trip to Cambodia to document Orphans in Phnom Phen, Amir focused his creative attention to Photography documenting the many aspiring local artist, musicians and model's in Brooklyn at the time.

In 2011 Amir Ebrahimi was hired to help create a video identity to a then upstart company, Bleacher Report.  Amir was a major part of the creative team of producers and directors that built Bleacher Report into the influential media company it is today.

In the past 5 years Amir has interviewed and shot the biggest names in sports, music and pop culture while building a visual identity to Bleacher Report's higher end video content. Amir took pride in finding athletes before the media explosion like skater Nyjah Huston or MMA mega star Conor McGregor as you can see early shots of both stars long before the national recognition. See photography page on this site for examples.

Amir Ebrahimi's Director/DP Reel 2018